Saliva PCR Test at Home (Covid19)
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Saliva PCR Test at Home (Covid19)


Market price. 120‚ā¨
For Caser Salud
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This product includes:

  • PCR test for travel
  • Sample collection kit
  • Sample shipping/collection*
  • Results within 48 hours**
  • 99.8% sensitivity
  • Remember that you can buy more than one, including additional tests

* Delivery of the order to the address indicated will be made 24 hours after purchase. (Provided that the purchase is made before 16h). If it is made after that time, the order will be delivered in 48 hours.

** From the time of purchase and provided that the test is carried out at the time of receipt of the package, being sent the same day. The result is obtained 24 hours after collection by the courier. In the case of the Canary Islands, there may be a delay of 24 extra hours.

Do you want to do a PCR at home? Now you have available, with us, the Saliva PCR at home. Take the test from your home, hotel or apartment. 

How to buy the saliva PCR test for covid19?

  • Click on the buy now button.
  • Log in with your eClient details to identify yourself as a Caser customer or register on the platform if you are not a Caser customer.
  • Make the payment for the test or extra tests.
  • You will receive the voucher certifying purchase and the instructions to follow, in your email. It is important to follow these instructions.
  • In the hours following the purchase, you will receive an email indicating that the package with your kit has been prepared and when it is expected to be delivered.
  • Once you receive the kit at home, you must open it and follow the instructions that are specified for taking the sample and activation on the website.
  • Once you have activated the tests on the website by following the instructions, you must call the courier (the telephone number appears in the instructions) and he will come to collect the sample.
  • After that, you will receive an email with the result in about 24 hours.

You can buy up to 12 saliva PCR tests in one purchase, but this is only a limitation that we put on the website. If you need more than 12, contact us.

For purchases of more than one test, the samples are delivered and collected at the same time at the address indicated.

Although this does not usually happen, there is the possibility of an inconclusive result due to external reasons. In this case, the test will be repeated again at no additional cost.

Yes, it is. This PCR is certificate for travel.

Depending on your destination, you will be asked for a negative PCR within 48h or 72h. You can order the extraction kit in advance and take the test at home, conveniently, when you need it.

Yes, it is 98% reliable, almost as reliable as the PCR test by nasopharyngeal exudate.

If I order the test on:

  • Monday - arrives on Tuesday, I can take the sample on Tuesday - results on Wednesday.

  • Tuesday - arrives on Wednesday, I can take the sample on Wednesday - results on Thursday.

  • Wednesday - arrives on Thursday, I can take the sample on Thursday - results on Friday.

  • Thursday - arrives on Friday, can take sample on Sunday - results on Monday.

  • Friday/Saturday/Sunday - arrives on Monday, can take sample on Monday - results on Tuesday.

*Tests must be ordered before 16:00h to be received the following day and collection must be ordered before 17:00h to be collected before 19:00h.

In the following table we show you 2 different cases for performing the test:


Purchase of the PCR

Home delivery

Sample extraction and collection


I need the PCR as soon as possible

Monday 1st (before 16:00h)

Tuesday 2nd

Tuesday 2nd (before 19:00h)

Wednesday 3rd

I have a trip* on Friday 26th July

Monday 1st (before 16:00h)

Tuesday 2nd

Wednesday 24th (before 19:00h)

Thursday 25th

*Depending on the destination, you will be asked for a negative PCR in the last 48h or 72h, in this case, the time will start to run on Thursday morning 25th, which is when the laboratory receives the sample.

**Working day

The main advantages are:

  • No waiting in long queues at the collection centres (currently they are very saturated).

  • Performing the test in the comfort of your home, workplace or wherever you need it.

  • PCR in saliva is not invasive like PCR by nasopharyngeal exudate, and is almost as reliable as PCR by nasopharyngeal exudate.

  • If you have a trip or event, you can order the test in advance and have it done when you need it.

You will receive the result of your test in the email with which you have activated your sample in the indicated website. Remember that the instructions come inside the box.

The latest time to collect your sample and have the results the following day is 19:00h, but you have to request the collection 2 hours in advance, so, you will have to call before 17:00h.

You can order the test on Thursday before 16:00h, receive it on Friday, take the sample and send it by express courier so that it arrives at the laboratories as soon as possible and you can have the results on Saturday.

This express service has an extra charge, please contact us for more information.

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